The South team travelled north to Ayr Seafield this year for the annual friendly match for the President’s Pewter on Sunday 31 March. On a lovely spring day, four youths (U23), four boys aged Under 18 and four boys aged Under 16 from each Area comprised the two teams. This was the first match of the season and South were looking forward to getting rid of the winter cobwebs and retaining the trophy.

The course was in good condition as Ciaran Howat (D&C) and Colin McKenzie (Lochmaben) led the South boys off in the morning foursomes. Most boys had trouble round the greens on this shortish course and it wasn’t till the last game with Jamie Parker (Southerness) and Brandon Burgess (D&G) that South recorded their first victory by 3 &. 2. Ayrshire took the lead after the foursomes by 5 games to 1.

In the afternoon singles with a mountain to climb Ciaran Howat (D&C) got the team of to the perfect start winning by one hole and was closely followed by Colin McKenzie (Lochmaben) on his debut with a 2 & 1 victory. Unfortunately Finlay McKie (D&C) and Rory Gordon (D&C), who both fought hard all day, could not maintain the momentum and were beaten by much older boys.

Taylor Kerr (Thornhill) had a fine 3 & 2 win to keep the South hopes alive but the battling Callum McMillan (Kirkcudbright), Glen Irvine (D&G) and David Sharp (D&C) all succumbed to better opponents and suffered narrow defeats.

Jamie Parker (Southerness) continued his good form of the morning to win 3 & 2 but Brandon Burgess (D&G), Lewis Fraser (D&C) and Alex Long (New Galloway) were all beaten by their Ayrshire hosts. The South team played better in the afternoon but Ayrshire won the Singles by 8 matches to 4 and regained the President’s Trophy by 13 games to 5.

Individual Results:

Morning Foursomes

Ciaran Howat (D&C) & Colin Mckenzie (Lochmaben) lost to John McCracken & Harvey Broadfoot by 3&2

Finlay McKie (D&C) & Rory Gordon (D&C) lost to Josh Davis & Kerr Brooks by 5&4

Taylor Kerr (Thornhill) & Callum McMillan (Kirkcudbright) lost to Ross McDonald & Rob Yorston by 4&3

Glen Irvine (D&G) & David Sharp (D&C) lost to Sean Addie & Kyle McCaig by 7&6

Jamie Parker (Southerness) & Brandon Burgess (D&G) beat Ross Caddis & Ewan McMillan by 3&2

Lewis Fraser (D&C) & Alex Long (New Galloway) lost to Blair Morgan & Stewart Russell by 6&5

Foursomes Result:          South 1                 Ayrshire 5

Afternoon Singles:

Ciaran Howat beat Josh Davis by 1 hole

Colin McKenzie beat Harvey Broadfoot by 2&1

Finlay McKie (D&C) lost to Kerr Brooks by 5&4

Rory Gordon (D&C) lost to John McCracken by 3&2

Taylor Kerr (Thornhill) beat Kyle McCaig by 3&2

Callum McMillan (Kirkcudbright) lost to Ross McDonald by 3&2

Glen Irvine (D&G) lost to Rob Yorston by 2&1

David Sharp (D&C) lost to Sean Addie by 2 holes

Jamie Parker (Southerness) beat Ross Caddis by 3&2

Brandon Burgess (D&G) lost to Stewart Russell by 7&6

Lewis Fraser (D&C) lost to Ewan Milligan by 4&2

Alex Long (New Galloway) lost to Blair Morton by 3&2

Singles Result:   South 4                 Ayrshire 8

Match Result:    South 5                 Ayrshire 13