The draw for the South Senior Championship to be played over Wigtownshire County Golf Course on Wednesday 1 August is as follows:-

9.00     J Arnott (Stranraer); R McKnight (Wigtownshire County); A Lyndsay (Wigtownshire County)

9.10     M Gibson (Stranraer); F Grant (Wigtownshire County); D Lee (Wigtownshire County)

9.20     S Cummings (Wigtownshire County); M Drummond (Newton Stewart)

9.30     J J Patterson (Wigtownshire County); J Sawer (Newton Stewart); S Hughes (St Medan)

9.40     J Stirling (Newton Stewart); W Orr (Nerwton Stewart); C Hawkins (Wigtownshire County)

9.50     J Cloy (Newton Stewart); W Greenhorn (Stranraer)

10.00   W Tyrrell (New Galloway); A Taylor (Newton Stewart); J McGuinness (Newton Stewart)

10.10   D Neilson (New Galloway); B Whannell (Newton Stewart); T Simpson (Wigtown & Bladnoch)

10.20   T Haine (New Galloway); F Cummings (Newton Stewart); A Steele (Wigtown & Bladnoch)

10.30   J McCulloch (New Galloway); R Neil (Newton Stewart); W Neil (Wigtown & Bladnoch)

11.00   J Milby (Wigtownshire County); K McBryce (St Medan)

11.10   A McColm (Wigtownshire County); L Ker (St Medan); J Welsh (Castle Douglas)

11.30  D Fulton (Southerness); R Semple (Castle Douglas); R Blair (Southerness)

12.40   L Lobsin (Wigtownshire County);

12,50   D Nairn (Lochmaben)

13.00   J Thomson (Kirkcudbright); D Shamash (Kirkcudbright); S Stables (Wigtownshire County)

13.10   E Stewarer (Stranraer); R Murray *Stranraer); S Oberheim (Southerness)

For late entries please contact Graeme Sharp mob 07711 409 010.