Forum Working Group

At the end of December The Chair of the SGL requested names to be forwarded to take part in a Forum Working Group.  This group was expected to meet in January through February in order to bring a plan for Forums to the AGM in March.  This did not happen.

However, a group of 23 people have now been asked to be in this working group and, at present, a date in late March is being sought, for as many as possible of this group to attend in order to hold an initial meeting.

TASK ( as stated in December 2017 )

A working group whose sole purpose is to consult broadly with colleagues to achieve a concrete and diarised plan that is both robust and practical, meeting the needs of our many constituents across our challenging geography.

Where and when the Forums shall meet?

Who shall attend?

What the agreed agenda shall be?

How the outputs of the meetings will be shared?

Forums are to be a 2 way communication conduit in support of clubs and the key roles Counties and Areas play in –

Coaching,  Championships and Course Rating

Proposed COMPOSITION of the Working Group 14 in total

3 Club Representatives

3 Club managers

3 County Representatives

3 Area Representatives

2 SGL Board members


4 Club Representatives

3 Club Managers

4 County Representatives

10 Area Representatives

2 SGL Board Members

Jean Forrest is one of the 10 Area Representatives, and the only participant from the South Area.  In order for her to represent the views of members in Dumfries and Galloway please let her know your thoughts based on the information provided in this communication.  Specifically on the 4 questions detailed under the task section. 

Please send your views and comments to Jean at E-mail :