On a wet and breezy Saturday 16 June eight juniors from each of the three Counties, Dumfries, Kirkcudbright and Wigtown, gathered at Castle Douglas Golf Club to compete for the Peat Salver.

This is the annual junior inter-county match play competition and for various reasons had not been competed for in 2017. The format had been changed this year to singles matches with each player in each County playing against an opponent from each of the other two Counties.

The course was in superb condition after the recent warm and sunny weather and all the boys and one girl acquitted themselves well.

In the scratch section Dumfriesshire showed their experience and expertise with Jamie Marchbank, Ciaran Howat and David Sharp winning both of their matches. Sam Mitchell did likewise for Wigtownshire. Dumfriesshire had 7, Wigtownshire 4 and Kirkcudbrightshire 1 point with half the matches completed.

The Handicap section was a much closer affair with Vanessa Ho, Wigtownshire, Leo Murray, Dumfriesshire, and Finlay Whalen, Kirkcudbrightshire overcoming both their opponents. Dumfriesshire gained 5½, Kirkcudbrightshire 4½ and Wigtownshire 2 points.

The overall result was a win for Dumfriesshire with 12½ points, Wigtownshire 6 points and Kirkcudbrightshire 5½ points.

Individual Results

Scratch Section

Jamie Marchbank (Dfs) beat Dylan Haining (Kbt) by 7 & 6

Jamie Marchbank (Dfs) beat Kaleb Johnston (Wig) by 4 & 2

Kaleb Johnston (Wig) beat Dylan Haining (Kbt) by 5 & 4

Glen Irvine (Dfs) beat Patrick Innes (Kbt) by 7 & 6

Sam Mitchell (Wig) beat Glen Irvine (Dfs) by 4 & 3

Sam Mitchell (Wig) beat Patrick Innes (Kbt) by 8 & 7

Ciaran Howat (Dfs) beat John Rodger (Kbt) by 5 & 4

Ciaran Howat (Dfs) beat Finlay Hare (Wig) by 7 & 5

John Rodger (Kbt) beat Finlay Hare (Wig) by 4 & 3

David Sharp (Dfs) beat Jack Norman (Kbt) by 7 & 6

David Sharp (Dfs) beat  Logan Hare (Wig) by 4 & 3

Logan Hare (Wig) beat Jack Norman (Kbt) by 2 & 1

Handicap Section

Ben Marshall (Dfs) beat Callum McClure (Kbt) by 2 holes

Vanessa Ho (Wig) beat Ben Marshall (Dfs) by 1 hole

Vanessa Ho (Wig) beat Callum McLure (Kbt) by 1 hole

Leo Murray (Dfs) beat Andrew Blackwood (Kbt) by 3 & 1

Leo Murray (Dfs) beat Harry Lockwood (Wig) by 2 holes

Andrew Blackwood (Kbt) beat Harry Lockwood (Wig) by 1 hole

Finlay Whalen (Kbt) beat Colin McKenzie (Dfs) by 3 & 1

Finlay Whalen (Kbt) beat Gavin Ramsey (Wig) by 4 & 3

Colin McKenzie (Dfs) beat Gavin Ramsey (Wig) 4 & 2

Adam Scott (Dfs) halved with Cameron Dingwall (Kbt)

Adam Scott (Dfs) beat Magnus Ross (Wig) by 4 & 3

Colin Dingwall (Kbt) beat Magnus Ross (Wig) by 3 & 1

The photograph shows the winning Dumfriesshire team. Back: Ben Marshall, Glen Irvine, Jamie Marchbank, Ciaran Howat and David Sharp, Front Colin McKenzie, Adam Scott and Leo Murray.