The Meeting was held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow at 1.00 pm on Monday 9 January 2017. Unfortunately Eleanor Cannon, Chair, was unable to attend due to a family bereavement and her place was taken by Karin Sharp, Corporate Services Director.

Present: Blane Dodds, CEO of SGL, Karin Sharp, CSD of SGL, Eileen Scott, Secretary Dumfriesshire Ladies, Gladys McClymont, President Dumfriesshire Ladies, Pat Magill, President Galloway Ladies, Stephen Kingston, President South Aea and the Secretary.

Background: Blane Dodds outlined the work he had been doing since being appointed in August 2016 and set the scene for the Meeting. These included:-

Priorities for Growth

Growing the Game: dwindling membership and challenging times

Budget makes Scottish Golf more efficient – invest in Coaching Grant

Golf Data UK & Scotland with R&A; Golf is most popular partner sport

Total economic activity £4.46;

Scotland contributes 20% of economic benefit with 8% of population

7500 staff in UK, 1500 in Scotland

14% of consumer spending on UK sport

New Budget / Business Plan

Strategy of prioritising growth areas and services by reducing operating costs

One HQ at St Andrews – Not disbanding Areas and Counties and forming regional forums

SportsScotland: One year investment strategy leading to 4 year agreement

Submission including financials


Tactical / operational plans

Priority Affiliation of new process

Membership affiliation (categorise the simplified)

CPM database

Invoice System

Greater accuracy – greater income

Priority Clubs

Create new model based on research

Multi Sport – create sports hubs (multi-functional facilities) for whole families as women tend to be family decision makers

One stop service for all Club; clear needs

Enhanced model golf programme

Partner with Development Company for proactive land developments

Explore other partners eg health and wellbeing

Quality facilities, value for money, main sporting amenity for community

Pilot Clubs to prove case then roll out programme.

Use case study Clubs that increase community sports assets through private finance by selling land for house building

Priority Scottish Golf Added Value

Governance in Child Protection

Business Planning



Operational delivery

Other Priority Areas

Events / Corporate


Buying Groups

Commercial / Sponsorship

Pro Ambassador Programme

The potential value is £1M

The discussion was opened up to include the representatives of the Ladies Counties and the Area.

Discussion: The following topics were discussed:-

Coaching: indoor coaching centres

Development Centres

Developing players

Start in the schools

Charge £1 or £2 per session

Start with absolute beginners and progress to accomplished golfers.

Family Days

Areas & Counties: NO new Regions. Some will be able to amalgamate quickly but not into bigger area. SGL to give support. Ladies Counties to be funded same as men

Area Team Championships and Ladies Counties Championship. These will continue this year but will be reviewed for next year. Commonwealth Spoons to continue

Website: Work on-going. Looking at communication and revamping website to make user friendly

Extra Ladies Trophies at Championship. Mistakes were made last year and will be rectified this year

Affiliation fees; Problems were pointed out and assurances given that these would be investigated.

Health and wellbeing benefits of golf

Who’s Who of Staff: Will be considered

Blane Dodds closed the meeting at 2.40 pm by stating that the visuals of his background presentation would be sent to all Areas and Counties as would a synopsis of all the comments made at the various meetings.

Conclusion: The Meeting was informative and Blane gave the impression he had a grasp of the situation and was trying to form a positive way forward.  Assurances were given that all topics and concerns would be addressed. However it all could depend on how he responds to the promises he inferred to.