Kirkcudbrightshire Golfers' Association

Fixtures 2024

Strokeplay Championship Castle Douglas Saturday 8th June 2024
Matchplay Championship
Round 1 – 8thJune to 22nd June
Semi Final – 22nd June to 6thJuly
Final by 26th July
Solway Cup and Bowl Gatehouse Saturday 17thAugust 2024
Seniors’ competition Southerness Friday 2nd August 2024
Douglas Maxwell Memorial Kirkcudbright Sunday 1st September 2024

Association Officials

President: Gordon Blandford: phone 07539753906 Email 
Vice President: Billy Smith Email 
Secretary/Treasurer: Ross Murray phone 07990831025 Email 
Championship Secretary: Andrew Kerr phone 07827446442  Email .  
Senior Team Captain: Clark Riddick (Southerness) 01556 690234
Four Ball match play organiser: Pete Haslem Email 
Junior Coaching convenor: Ross Murdoch phone 07725335106 Email 
Past President: William Murray Email 

The Craignair Cup

1962 D. Maxwell
1963 E. M. Shamash
1964 E. M. Shamash
1965 E.M.Shamash
1966 J. Millar
1967 D. Woodley
1968 J. Millar
1969 E. M. Shamash
1970 A. Houston
1971 D. Woodley
1972 V. C. Reid
1973 V. C. Reid
1974 J. S. Thomson
1975 J. S. Thomson
1976 V. C. Reid
1977 V. C. Reid
1974 J. S. Thomson
1975 J. S. Thomson

1976 V. C. Reid
1977 V. C. Reid
1978 J. S. Thomson
1979 J. S. Thomson
1980 W. D. Blayney
1981 E. M. Shamashh
1982 J. C. Wright
1983 J. S. Thomson
1984 W. D. Blayney
1985 W. D. Blayney
1986 J. S. Thomson
1987 D. P. Ireland
1988 L. Learmonth
1989 V. C. Reid
1990 R. W. S. Houston
1991 A. D. T. Moir
1992 J. S. Thomson
1993 M. P. Billington

1994 R. A. Burns
1995 C. McMinn
1996 A. Armstrong
1997 C. McMinn
1998 M. Whalen
1999 C. McMinn
2000 M. Whatley
2001 M. Whatley
2002 M. Whalen
2003 S. Cairns
2004 M. Whalen
2005 S. G. Eccles
2006 M. Whalen
2007 C. Heuchan
2008 C. Heuchan
2009 J. R. Williams
2010 W. Smith
2011 C. Smith

2012 B. Shamash
2013 R. Murray
2014 R. Thompson
2015 R. Murray
2016 N. Watson
2017 C. Heuchan
2018 C Smith
2019 C. Riddick
2020 Not Played
2021 R. Murray
2022 G. Findlay

Fourball Better Ball Match Winners

1994 E. J Bryan & C. Pickthall Gatehouse
1995 P. Mc Colm & G. Whan
1996 G. L. McMinn & J. Henry
1997 G. Blayney & R. Murray Southerness
1998 R. Ritchie & J. T. Watson New Galloway
1999 B. Shamash & C. McCartney Kirkcudbright
2000 M. Eveleigh & D. Geddes Kirkcudbright
2001 J. Green & R. Stewart Castle Douglas
2002 J. Green & R. Stewart Castle Douglas
2003 J. Green & R. Stewart Castle Douglas
2004 D. Whalen & S. Widdowson Dalbeattie
2005 G. L. McMinn & R. Burns
2006 G. L. McMinn & R. Burns
2007 D. Stitt & J. Boynton Kirkcudbright
2008 D. Ashby & M. Tough Castle Douglas
2009 C. Heuchan & A. Harker Colvend
2010 G. Campbell & I. McBeth Castle Douglas.

2011 K. Adams & D. Stitt Dalbeattie
2012 G. Doig & W. Gibson Southerness
2013 R. McWilliam & D. Ashby Castle Douglas
2014 D. Stitt & D. G. Shamash Kirkcudbright
2015 I. McBeth & R. McWilliam Castle Douglas
2016 R.Whalen & D. Whalen Dalbeattie
2017 A. McCreath & G. Taylor Gatehouse
2018 G. Doig & D. Hunter Southerness
2019 Ricky Whelan & Kevin Adams
2020 Not Played
2021 K Adams & R Whalen
2022 K Munn & D Berry

Douglas Maxwell winners

1976 J S Thomson
1977 R Nairn
1978 J S Thomson
1979 I R Brotherston
1980 I Semple
1981 J S Thomson
1982 R McLellan
1983 J C Wright
1984 S Martin
1985 I R Brotherston
1986 I R Brotherston
1987 J S Thomson
1988 I R Brotherston
1989 I Learmonth
1990 J R G Lennox
1991 S Martin
1992 D A Guthrie
1993 C McMinn
1995 R Maxwell
1996 B J Scott
1997 R Maxwell
1998 J P Shepherd
1999 R Maxwell
2000 D Morgan

2001 B Shamash
2002 M Whalen
2003 D Sutton
2004 D Sutton
200 D Sutton
2006 C Robinson
2007 I R Brotherston
2008 C Robinson
2009 M Grunwell
2010 K McClune
2011 R Thomson
2012 Not Played
2013 C Riddick
2015 R Murray
2016 M McNae
2017 G Blaney
2018 D Brodie
2019 Not Played
2020 Not Played
2021 R McBeth
2022 W Squires


Constitution – The Constitution and Bye-Laws of the Association were originally agreed at meetings held on the 8th March 1962 and 21st March 1963.  The revision was approved by the Annual General Meeting held in October 1997.
Title – The Association shall be called “The Kirkcudbrightshire Golfers’ Association hereinafter referred to as “The Association”.
Membership –  All golf clubs within Kirkcudbrightshire and in full membership of the Scottish Golf Limited will be eligible for membership of “The Association”.
Objects – The objects of “The Association” shall be:-
(a) To promote, encourage and maintain a high standard of golf within Kirkcudbrightshire.
(b) To organise and draw up regulations for annual stroke and match-play competitions under the jurisdiction of “The Association”.  This shall include inter-club leagues and other such competitions and matches as “The Association” considers appropriate.
(c) To deal with other matters of general and local interest to amateur golfers in Kirkcudbrightshire.
(d) The income and property of “The Association” shall be applied solely in carrying out the foregoing objectives.
Management – The management of “The Association” shall be in the hands of an Executive Committee which shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Past President, Captain, Coaching Convenor, (Championship Secretary)Course Rating Convenor, Secretary and Treasurer together with one representative from each Club in full membership of “The Association”.
Election of Executive Committee –
It will be the duty of each member Club in rotation to provide nominees for the offices of President and Vice-President for election at the Annual General Meeting of “The Association”.  Commencing in 1998 the rotation for the nomination of President will be as follows:- New Galloway, Southerness, (Brighouse Bay)Castle Dougles, Colvend, Dalbeattie, Gatehouse and Kirkcudbright. For the nomination of Vice-President the rotation will be as follows: Southerness, (Brighouse Bay) Castle Douglas, Colvend, Dalbeattie, Gatehouse, Kirkcudbright and New Galloway.  In the event of further Clubs becoming eligible for membership and joining “The Association” their names will be added to the rotation lists in alphabetical order. In the absence of a nomination for either President or Vice-President, the Club next in rotation will be asked to provide a nominee.  The President and Vice-President will each hold office for one year with the Vice-President in normal course becoming the nominee for President the following year.  The immediate Past President shall remain on the Executive Committee for a further year after he demits office as President.
The Captain, Coaching Convenor, ( Championship Secretary)Course Rating Convenor, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected annually and shall be available for  re-election.  The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by one person.
One representative shall be appointed by each Club within “The Association” with delegated authority to represent the Club on the Executive Committee.  The President, Vice-President and Past President shall be deemed to represent their respective clubs on the Executive Committee.  There shall be no time limit to the term of office of such representatives.  A member Club may provide a deputy to any meeting of the Executive Committee.  Such deputy will have delegated authority and full voting rights.
Duty of Office-Bearers – The Office-Bearers shall present reports each year to the Annual General Meeting of “The Association”.  The duties of the Office-Bearers are as follows:
President:  The President shall preside at meetings of “The Association” and its Executive Committee.  He/she  shall be responsible for presenting the business for its orderly discussion.
Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall substitute for the President as required.
Secretary: The Secretary shall call and attend all meetings of “The Association”, keep full minutes of the proceedings of such meetings, conduct the correspondence of “The Association” and have custody of the books, documents and papers belonging to “The Association” .
Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of “The Association” and submit annually such accounts and all necessary statements and information regarding funds to an Auditor appointed by “The Association”.  He/she shall provide the Executive Committee with appropriate management information.
Captain: The Captain shall be responsible for the selection of teams representing Kirkcudbrightshire and for the arrangements for matches.
Championship Secretary:  The Championship Secretary shall organise the annual fixture list and deal with all the administration associated with the competitions.  He/she shall publish the results and keep the records of the competitions.
Coaching Convenor: The Coaching Convenor shall be responsible for arrangements for coaching in Kirkcudbrightshire at both Junior and Senior level.
Course Rating Convenor:  The Course Rating Convenor shall be responsible for ensuring that all courses in Kirkcudbrightshire conform to the Course and Slope Ratings established under the U.S.G.A. Course Rating System as modified by the Scottish Golf Limited.  He/she shall arrange through the South of Scotland Area Rating Convenor for periodic reviews of Course Ratings and for revised ratings to be carried out when significant alterations to course have been made.
Executive Committee: In addition to the above the Executive Committee shall have the following powers:
a) To frame bye-laws and conditions for any competition promoted by “The Association” and for the purpose of carrying out any of the other objectives of “The Association”.
b) To appoint sub-committees for any purpose connected with “The Association” and invest them with such powers as they may consider expedient within the terms of the Constitution.
c) To decide all questions and disputes arising in Matches, Competitions and Tournaments under the jurisdiction of “The Association”.
d) To authorise the President or in his absence the Vice-President to execute documents on behalf of “The Association”.
Finance – The Funds of “The Association” shall be derived from the agreed allocated amount form the Scottish Golf Limited Subscription for the South of Scotland Area, from entry monies which may be received from competitors in competitions promoted by “The Association”, and from any other contributions which may be made from other sources.
The financial year of “The Association” shall end on 30th September annually.
In the event of the dissolution of “The Association” the funds or property remaining shall not be distributed among member Clubs of “The Association” or constituent bodies but shall be given to the “Dumfriesshire and Galloway Golfers’ Association – S.G.U. South of Scotland Area.
Annual General Meeting –  The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than 31st October each year at a place to be decided by the Executive Committee.  The Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be issued at least 21 days prior to the Meeting to current Office-Bearers and to each Golf Club being a Member of  “The Association”, two representatives from each Club to be invited.
The Notice shall include:
1) The Agenda for the Meeting
2) Draft minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
3) Names of Candidates for election as Office-Bearers
The business to be transacted shall be limited to items on the Agenda which shall include:
1) Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
2) Matters arising
3) Office-Bearers’ Reports
4) Election of Office-Bearers
5) Appointment of Auditors
6) Consideration of any motion(s) submitted to the Meeting
7) Any other competent business
No motion or motions may be submitted for inclusion in the Agenda of the Annual General Meeting unless notice has been given in writing to the Secretary at least 28 days prior to the meeting.
Extraordinary General Meetings – An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called when requested by a simple majority of the member clubs in “The Association” or when the Executive Committee considers a matter of urgent importance has occurred. The procedure shall be as laid down for the Annual General Meeting.
Conduct of General Meetings – Five members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of any General Meeting.
At General Meetings of “The Association” each nominated Club representative shall have one vote only.  All votes must be cast in person.  Office-Bearers shall not be entitled to vote other than as a nominated Club representative.  The Chairperson of the meeting shall have a casting vote only in the event of equality of votes.
Alterations to the Constitution – The foregoing shall form the Constitution of “The Association” and shall not be altered or added to without the approval of two-thirds of the nominated Club representatives present and entitled to vote at a General Meeting convened for this purpose.
Notice of any suggested alterations must be given in writing to the Secretary at least 28 days before the meeting and shall be included in the notice calling the meeting.
(BD/JS: APRIL 2014)