Fourteen juniors returned to Brighouse Golf Development Centre on a beautiful but cold winter’s day on Saturday 27 February for their fourth coaching session with regular professionals Chris Robinson and David Broadfoot.

The aim of the day was to improve their pitching and chipping techniques which had been identified as a weakness in all the boys’ games at previous sessions. They were taken to the range for instruction on the correct techniques, given time to practice and then a video was taken of their swing. Each boy was given an analysis of his swing and taken to the practice area to eradicate the faults. The importance of a good short game was impressed on them as one way to improve their performance.

In the afternoon the boys played foursomes matches over 12 holes with an extra discipline of a chipping test at the conclusion of each hole where they were required to get down in two shots from a selected location. At first this proved difficult but improvements were noted as they played the second six holes. The professionals were pleased with their progress at the end of the day and encouraged the boys to spend time over the next few weeks practising this most important element of their game.

The fourteen boys who attended were Ross Cook (Thornhill), Dylan Cairnie (D&C), Grant Hannah (Thornhill), Nathan Watson (Kirkcudbright), William Squires (Kirkcudbright), Iain Rae (Dalbeattie), Greg Rice (D&C), Ryan Cano (Thornhill), Lewis Fraser (D&C), Finlay Copeland (D&G), Mitchell Cowie (D&C), Corey Brown (D&C), Jamie Alison (D&G) and Callum McMillan (Kirkcudbright).

The South of Scotland Executive would like to thank the commitment and patience of the two young professional golfers and the help and assistance given by Jim Dougal and the staff at Brighouse Bay Holiday Park. All your efforts are very much appreciated.