We have successfully held four coaching days over the winter months at Brighouse Bay Golf Club and Development Centre. PGA Professional Chris Robinson has led a full and comprehensive programme focusing on developing performance. He was assisted by fellow PGA Professional David Broadfoot.

The first sessio_nFocused on pre-tournament preparations. This included golf fitness, practice techniques and mental preparation which gave players an insight into imagery, using trigger words, creating game plans and establishing rhythm.

The group enjoyed a working with TPI trained Russell Jones. Russell is a golf fitness professional, fully certified level 3 personal trainer. Each player was screened using the TPI Golf Screen which can discover where physical restrictions lie.            

This was all new to the boys and they found it fascinating to learn the golf swing uses so many muscles in the body and they all have to be in tip top condition for the swing to be consistent.

The second of the four days was incredibly cold and windy which showed the dedication and commitment from the boys attending.

The group had a morning of pressurised scenarios which helped identify strengths and weaknesses. Followed by a short game clinic and then the chance to experience the technology of the launch monitor. This technology helped the boys to understand spin rates and how to adjust this to suit different conditions.

The players then had the chance to play the course. The focus was on course management through playing a defence v attack game.

The next day the players spent some time working on the range refining their shot making. Moving the ball and controlling the trajectory along with discovering their individual stock shot.

After lunch the seminar was about preparation for a tournament. Discussing dynamic warm up, mental visualisation and pace putting. This was followed by an on course tournament.

The final day was once again cold and windy. The morning was spent working on perfect pitching. The players, working in pairs tested their pitching by playing a game of battle golf. Who ever got closest to the flag was able to remove a club from their opponent’s bag and then select where the next chip or pitch was played from. The boys enjoyed this format and some very tricky and interesting shots were played. They then utilised the par 3 course to test their new techniques.

After lunch the boys once again played on the course where the two professionals used this time to help boys individually with any problems or questions they had.

Performance squad

Alex Long ( New Galloway) Angus Bendall ( Castle Douglas) Ian Rae ( Dalbeattie) Cameron Gray, Nathan Watson & William Squires ( Kirkcudbright) Fraser Hughes & Graeme Hoodless ( Newton Stewart) Robbie Smith ( Wigtown & Bladnoch) Chris Shearman & Callan Harkness ( Lochmaben) Andrew Kennedy, Rowan Marchbank, Finlay Copeland & Ross Whyte ( Dumfries & Galloway) Dylan Cairnie ( Dumfries & County) Grant Hannah ( Thornhill)

The South of Scotland Golfers’ Association are grateful to Gillespie Leisure for the use of their excellent facilities and to Jim Dougal for all his help and assistance. Thanks also to Chris Robinson and David Broadfootfor so willingly giving of their experience and knowledge. A huge thank you to all the boy’s parents, family and friends for transporting them back and forward from Brighouse. I would also like to thank each and every club across our region for their continued support towards Junior Golf.