Sixteen of our regions best young golfers attended the second performance squad coaching day at Brighouse Bay recently.

PGA professionals Chris Robinson and David Broadfoot had set up a distance control and yardage assessment for the morning session. This required players to hit shots to six random targets inside 100yards and again to 120, 150, 175 and 200 yards. With the use of trackman technology the results were indisputable.
After a quick lunch the boys were split into three groups to rotate around the following three activities. Video analysis and trackman long game session. The short game distance control session.  The scoring zone over 5 holes on the course. These activities gave the players the chance to work on and improve weaknesses that had been highlighted from the mornings assessment.
These assessments and activities have given the boys plenty to practice over the winter months before they reconvene for their next day in February 2017.
Many thanks to the Gillespie family our hosts at Brighouse Bay and to Jim Dougall for all his assistance.

The boys attending are pictured above
Callum McMillan (Kbt), Patrick Innes (Kbt), Lewis Cheetham (D&C), David Sharp (D&C), Glen Irvine (D&G), Jamie Alison (D&G), Sam Mitchell (Port), Iain Rae (Dbt), Lewis Fraser (D&C), William Squires (Kbt), Mitchell Cowie (D&C), Nathan Watson (Kbt), Corey Brown (D&C), Neil McDonald (D&C), Thomas Robinson ( D&G), Jamie Marchbank (D&G).