The draw for the above competition to be played at Southerness on Friday 27 October is as follows:-

10.00     Taylor Kerr (San); Nathan Watson (Kbt); Angus Bendall (CD)

10.10     Ciaran Howat (D&C); Iain Rae (Dalb); Robbie McIlwraith (D&C)

10.20     Sam Mitchell (Port); Glen Irvine (D&G); Mitchell Cowie (D&C)

10.30     Cameron Gray (Kbt); Callum MCMillan (Kbt)

10.40     Ellie Harkness (Loch); Colin McKenzie (Loch)

10.50     Russell Kingsley (Loch); Charlie Maxwell (Loch)

11.00     Liam Graham (loch); Adam Scott (Loch); Russell Corrie (Loch)

For late entries please contact Iain Robin tel. 01387 252004