On Sunday 21 September the three County teams of Dumfriesshire, Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtownshire met at Lochmaben Golf Club to compete for the Drennan Salver. The course was in excellent condition for the three teams of eight players who set out in perfect autumnal weather of clear blue skies and no wind to play the morning foursomes. By lunch Dumfriesshire had 3 points from their four pairings and Kirkcudbrightshire and Dumfriesshire 1½ points each. In the afternoon singles matches Dumfriesshire showed their complete mastery of the perfect conditions and their dominance of the competition by winning six and a half of their eight matches to give them an unassailable total of 9½ points to regain the trophy. The fight for the lesser positions ended with Kirkcudbrightshire on 4½ points and Wigtownshire on 4 points.

Morning Foursomes
M Grunwell and N Hamilton (Dfs) beat R Thompson and R Murray (Kbt) by 3 & 1
C Corbett and C Hill (Dfs) beat D King and D Douglas (Kbt) by 4 & 3
M McNae and S Hislop (Dfs) beat D McCreadie and F Hughes (Wig) by 2 & 1
I Thomson and B Scott (Dfs) lost to S Whannell and R Hughan (Wig) by 7 & 5
C Riddick and R Kerr (Kbt) halved with C Bennewith and C Hamilton (Wig)
M Kirkwood and G King (Kbt) beat D Brodie and J Telfer (Wig) by 2 holes
Foursomes Result: Dumfriesshire 3 points; Kirkcudbrightshire 1½ points; Wigtownshire 1½ points
Afternoon Singles
M McNae (Dfs) lost to C Riddick (Kbt) by 1 hole
S Hislop (Dfs) beat M Kirkwood (Kbt) by 3 & 2
I Thomson (Dfs) beat R Kerr (Kbt) by 4 & 2
B Scott (Dfs) beat G King (Kbt) by 4 & 3
M Grunwell (Dfs) beat C Bennewith (Wig) by 4 & 3
N Hamilton (Dfs) halved with C Hamilton (Wig)
C Corbett (Dfs) beat D Brodie (Wig) by 1 hole
C Hill (Dfs) beat J Telfer (Wig) by 2 & 1
R Murray (Kbt) lost to D McCreadie by 4 & 3
D Douglas (Kbt) beat F Hughes (Wig) by 5 & 4
R Thompson (Kbt) beat S Whannell (Wig) by 3 & 1
D King (Kbt) lost to R Hughan (Wig) by 3 & 2
Singles Results: Dumfriesshire 6½ points; Kirkcudbrightshire 3 points; Wigtownshire 2½ points
Overall Result: Dumfriesshire 9½ points; Kirkcudbrightshire 4½ points; Wigtownshire 4 points.