Fixture Compilation Page in process of updating to2023

This page is for golf clubs to assist in the compilation of the Fixture List

Fixture List 2023

Match Secretaries may view the entries for their club by filtering the Venue Heading on the main Fixtures page. Make note of the reference number on the left hand side on each entry that is fully correct. All these numbers should be entered,  separated by commas, on the “Confirm Fixtures Form”.  One form does the lot.
New or Amended  Fixtures  may be notified separately on the other form “New or Amend Fixture Form”, one fixture at a time.
Form entries may be viewed immediately on the spreadsheets below after submitting the forms.
Form responses are recorded on these spreadsheets from which the list is regularly updated and marked as confirmed.

Confirm Correct Fixtures

Confirm fixtures shown on the Main Fixture list page. Click on the button to bring up the form. Simply enter the reference number for each event in the confirmation of fixtures box, separated by commas. Any number of fixtures may be confirmed on the one form.

Add or Amend Fixtures

Form to add or amend fixtures. Only one fixture may be entered at a time using this form.

View the spreadsheet below to check your submissions.

View the spreadsheet below to check your submissions.

Fixtures Confirmed by Webmaster

This list forms the basis of the final fixture list published at the start of the year. 

Fixtures greyed out have been dealt with.

Form inputs of New or Amended Fixtures

Fixtures greyed out have been dealt with.

How the System Works
The production of the fixture list goes through a number of stages. The process centres round a number of spreadsheets in a Google workbook.
The first stage is the preparation of the Base Fixture List based on the fixtures in the previous year with dates updated.
The next stage, that is repeated, is of submissions to confirm, amend fixtures or to notify additional fixtures. Submissions are best made using the two forms accessed by the buttons. These entries are automatically transferred to spreadsheets in the workbook providing a record that may be viewed on this page. Notifications may also be made by email or other means.
In the next stage the preparatory final fixture list is updated manually with the submitted information. As the list is updated, another spreadsheet is automatically generated to provide a list of only those fixtures that have been confirmed, amended or added. This list of confirmed fixtures is shown on this page.
Eventually, the confirmed list is downloaded in a format where it can be used to produce the final fixture list on the website. These stages are repeated periodically as new submissions are made.
There is another spreadsheet in the workbook where the fixtures for a particular venue (club) may be generated. A copy of a clubs fixtures can be sent to clubs.