The Drennan Salver, a matchplay competition between the three counties, Dumfriesshire, Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtownshire was played at Stranraer Golf Club on Sunday 22 September.

The morning foursomes were a very close fought affair with four out of the six games going to the eighteenth green At lunch, Dumfriesshire had 3 points, Wigtownshire 2 and Kirkcudbrightshire 1

In the afternoon singles honours were fairly even with one game to finish. At the eighteenth Duncan McNeill (Dumfriesshire) put his approach shot on the green about 12 feet from the pin. Kyle McLung (Wigtownshire) playing from the rough hit a magnificent shot to finish 2 feet short of the hole. Duncan’s putt slipped passed the hole and Kyle holed his to win by one hole and win the competition for Wigtownshire by one point from Dumfriesshire. It was encouraging to see 5 Juniors playing for their Senior County teams after completing successful seasons. Final standings: Wigtownshire 7.5 points, Dumfriesshire 6.5 points and Kirkcudbrightshire 4 points.


Morning Foursomes

Kirkcudbrightshire (D King & R Kerr) lost to Dumfriesshire (C Syme & M Grunwell) by 1 hole

Wigtownshire (D McCreadie & R Hughan) lost to Dumfriesshire (M McNae & N Hamilton) by 1 hole

Wigtownshire (S Fisher & I Johnstone) lost to Kirkcudbrightshire (C Riddick & S Gibson) by 7 and 6

Dumfriesshire (I Thomson & D McNeill ) beat Kirkcudbrightshire (M Kirkwood & G King) by 3 and 2

Dumfriesshire (C Corbett & C Hill) lost to Wigtownshire (C Hamilton & M McCulloch) by 1 hole

Kirkcudbrightshire (R Murray & D Douglas) lost to Wigtownshire (D Brodie & K McClung) by 1 hole

Dumfriesshire 3 points; Wigtownshire 2 points; Kirkcudbrightshire 1 point

Afternoon Singles

Dumfriesshire (M McNae) lost to Kirkcudbrightshire (R Murray) by 2 holes

Kirkcudbrightshire (R Kerr) lost to Wigtownshire (C Hamilton) by 1 hole

Dumfriesshire (C Syme) lost to Wigtownshire (S Fisher) by 3 and 1

Dumfriesshire (N Hamilton) lost to Kirkcudbrightshire (S Gibson) by 2 and 1

Kirkcudbrightshire (D King) beat Wigtownshire (D McCreadie) by 3 and 2

Dumfriesshire (M Grunwell ) beat Wigtownshire (I Johnstone) by 4 and 2

Dumfriesshire (C Corbett) beat Kirkcudbrightshire (C Riddick) by 1 hole

Kirkcudbrightshire (G King) lost to Wigtownshire (R Hughan) by 3 and 2

Dumfriesshire (I Thomson) halved with Wigtownshire (D Brodie)

Dumfriesshire (C Hill) beat Kirkcudbrightshire (D Douglas) by 2 and 1

Kirkcudbrightshire (M Kirkwood) lost to Wigtownshire (M McCulloch) by 4 and 3

Dumfriesshire (D McNeill ) lost to Wigtownshire (K McClung) by 1 hole

Wigtownshire 5.5 points; Dumfriesshire 3.5 points; Kirkcudbrightshire 3 points

Overall Result:

Winners;                           WIGTOWNSHIRE                                7.5 points

Runners – up                   DUMFRIESSHIRE                               6.5

Third:                                KIRKCUDBRIGHTSHIRE                   4