Drennan Salver

The South of Scotland Golfers Association held their first event of the season when the Drennan Salver was played at Dumfries & Galloway Golf Club on Saturday 27h April. The teams from Dumfriesshire and Wigtownshire were looking to take the Salver home at the expense of current holders Kirkcudbrightshire. The course was in excellent condition and provided an excellent test for the matches. After the morning foresomes Wigtownshire and Dumfriesshire were both on 3 points and Kirkcudbrightshire failed to pick up any points leaving them a mountain to climb to retain the title.
The afternoon singles saw some excellent golf played and it was the home county who picked up the most points claiming 5.5 points which was enough to see them claim the Drennan Salver in Captain Alan Birdsall’s first match in charge.
A Birdsall/C Howat (Dumfriesshire) bt A Kerr/ I Rae (Kirkcudbrightshire) 1 hole
S Hislop/C Harkness (Dumfriesshire) bt C Scobie/ M Grunwell (Kirkcudbrightshire) 2/1
K McClung/ C Milby (Wigtownshire) bt R Murray/ G Findlay (Kirkcudbrightshire) 7/6
C Hamilton / R McHarrie (Wigtownshire) bt W Squires / C Riddick (Kirkcudbrightshire) 2/1
M Cowie / F Greenhorn (Wigtownshire) bt G Jarvie / D McConnachie (Dumfriesshire) 5/4
B Irving / C Corbett (Dumfriesshire) bt K Johnstone/ D Agnew (Wigtownshire) 5/4
Wigtownshire 3
Dumfriesshire 3
Kirkcudbrightshire 0
A Birdsall (Dumfriesshire) bt K McClung (Wigtownshire) 1 hole
C Milby (Wigtownshire) bt C Howat (Dumfriesshire) 3/2
S Hislop (Dumfriesshire) bt C Hamilton (Wigtownshire) 1 hole
C Harkness (Dumfriesshire) bt R McHarrie (Wigtownshire) 2/1
R Murray (Kirkcudbrightshire) halved with G Jarvie (Dumfriesshire)
D McConnachie (Dumfriesshire) bt G Findlay (Kirkcudbrightshire) 6/5
B Irving (Dumfriesshire) bt W Squires (Kirkcudbrightshire) 1 hole
C Riddick (Kirkcudbrightshire) bt C Corbett (Dumfriesshire) 1 hole
A Kerr (Kirkcudbrightshire) bt M Cowie (Wigtownshire) 1 hole
I Rae (Kirkcudbrightshire) bt F Greenhorn (Wigtownshire) 3/2
K Johnstone (Wigtownshire) bt C Scobie (Kirkcudbrightshire ) 3/2
M Grunwell (Kirkcudbrightshire) bt D Agnew (Wigtownshire) 3/2
Wigtownshire 2
Dumfriesshire 5.5
Kirkcudbrightshire 4.5
Final Totals
Dumfriesshire 8.5
Wigtownshire 5
Kirkcudbrightshire 4.5