Drennan Salver 2022

Drennan Salver 2022

Drennan Salver

The South of Scotland Golfers Association held their Drennan Salver competition at Kirkcudbright on Saturday where the 8 man teams from Dumfriesshire, Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtownshire competed. The course was in excellent condition and the sunny weather made for a good day to play golf.
After the morning foresomes Dumfriesshire led with 3.5 points, Wigtownshire had 2.5 and defending champions Kirkcudbrightshire failed to get anything on the board.
The singles matches in the afternoon were played to a high standard and the outcome was a win for Wigtownshire who collected 7 points in total to pip Dumfriesshire on 6.5 points. Kirkcudbrightshire improved in the afternoon to finish with 4.5 points.
Foresomes Results
M Cowie & C Howat (Dumfriesshire) bt I Rae & G Findlay (Kirkcudbrightshire) 6/5
I Thomson & A Scott (Dumfriesshire) bt M Kirkwood & C Wilson (Kirkcudbrightshire) 1 hole
D Brodie & S Whannel (Wigtownshire) bt K Adams & N Watson (Kirkcudbrightshire) 3/2
K McClung & C Milby (Wigtownshire) bt C Heuchan & C Riddick (Kirkcudbrightshire) 4/3
M Grunwell & C Scobie (Dumfriesshire) halved with C Hamilton & R McHarrie (Wigtownshire)
R McBeth & G Jarvie (Dumfriesshire) bt M Cowie & K Johnston (Wigtownshire) 2 Holes

Dumfriesshire 3.5
Wigtownshire 2.5
Kirkcudbrightshire 0

Singles Results
C Hamilton (Wigtownshire) bt I Rae (Kirkcudbrightshire) 2/1
G Findlay (Kirkcudbrightshire) bt R McHarrie (Wigtownshire) 3/2
M Kirkwood (Kirkcudbrightshire) bt M Cowie (Wigtownshire) 2/1
C Wilson (Kirkcudbrightshire) halved with K Johnston (Wigtownshire)
M Cowie (Dumfriesshire) bt D Brodie (Wigtownshire) 5/3
S Whannel (Wigtownshire) bt C Howat (Dumfriesshire) 3/2
K McClung (Wigtownshire) bt I Thomson (Dumfriesshire) 4/3
C Milby (Wigtownshire) bt A Scott (Dumfriesshire) 4/3
M Grunwell (Dumfriesshire) bt K Adams (Kirkcudbrightshire) 1 hole
N Watson (Kirkcudbrightshire) bt C Scobie (Dumfriesshire) 3/2
R McBeth (Dumfriesshire) bt C Heuchan (Kirkcudbrightshire) 6/5
C Riddick (Kirkcudbrightshire) bt G Jarvie (Dumfriesshire) 1 hole

Kirkcudbrightshire 4.5
Wigtownshire 4.5
Dumfriesshire 3

Overall Result
Wigtownshire 7
Dumfriesshire 6.5
Kirkcudbrightshire 4.5