DGG Partnership Meeting Notes

Scottish Golf Show March 2018

A suggestion that McMillan Hotels also be present the next time a stand is taken at the show was not considered prudent as it might start commercial warfare with the Cairndale!

A suggestion that a flyer be produced showing all the clubs in the Area with a potted description of each received some support.

The general consensus was that it was a poor show although John Gibbs-Smith did enjoy it.

It was too early to judge any success. Only Kirkcudbright and the Cairndale had a system for monitoring visitors. Personal note – Could Kirkcudbright be persuaded to share their system?

It was not thought prudent to return next year but perhaps in 2 years. Alternative go back to reinforce what has been achieved.

Marketing Opportunities.

Get D&G College to develop a social media site as part of their IT coursework and have a dedicated team to work on it. The media site needs a constant supply of “News” on a regular basis to keep visitors interested and returning for more.

Use Gretna Gateway  and Cairnryan Ferry Terminal for flyers


The three trails had served their use and it was not thought a good idea to continue with them. It relegated some Clubs to second class citizens and we were all equal and in this together. When “brochure” is updated think differently.

Wait to see if advertising scheme in Highlands is successful.

Mention to others re organising.

Summer 2019

No offers to promote Clubs

North of England Advertising

PSP Media no good

No enthusiasm for advertising in magazines

Working Group

Kirkcudbright     Thornhill,   Lochmaben    so far


Clubs set up competition over 3 days and 3 different courses and market it. Could be over 9 hole courses or a junior competition.

Iain Robin

1 May 2018 12th