Junior Coaching

South Area Junior Coaching Policy

Strategy 2013/2014 Coaching Policy

The South area aspire to be a prominent area in Scotland for junior golf and will endeavor to seek out golfing talent and provide necessary coaching opportunities to develop that talent and in conjunction with the SGU coaching strategy the South seeks to assist in the aspiration to achieve and challenge golfers with potential and ambition to fulfil their potential and aid their long term participation and enjoyment of the game.
Regionally to have clear talent identification and selection process so that all those with the characteristics to succeed are recognised and offered support and to establish high quality structures and programmes which link clearly and effectively with the resources available by working in partnership.
Policy Objectives
1. To identify junior golfer’s from across the South of Scotland, assist in their development through a Professional pathway into a structure required to play at Area level and Beyond.
2. To provide proactive and stimulating coaching to develop and optimise the talent of our junior golfers.
3. To provide a pool of talented golfers for South teams and act as a feeder to SGU coaching programmes and national teams.
4. To ensure all young people who wish to play the game of golf have the opportunity to develop and reach their potential.
Development Pathway
The Area team representation is built on national development pathway for young golfers. The County development squads will identify and provide talented juniors for further performance development and participation in the Area teams. The national player development pathway is shown below with the County/Area coaching provision highlighted.
1. National Squad ( Stage 5)/ Academy (Stage 4)
2. County Area ( Stage 3)
3. Clubgolf ( Stage 3)
4. Clubgolf ( Stage 2)
5. Clubgolf ( Stage 1)
Development Centres sit alongside the pathway to support and provide that actual coaching for the individuals on the pathway. The Development Centres are open for individual golfers to self nominate or for Clubs and Counties to nominate selected individuals.
There are 3 Development Centres in the South Area with 1 in each County
1. Brighouse Bay Golf Club  (Kirkcudbrightshire)
2. The Pines Golf Club  (Does not now exist)(Dumfrieshire)
3. Portpatrick Golf Club  (Wigtownshire)
The Development of young golfers in the South sits at three levels, Clubs/ County/Area
Club Level
The Development Pathway starts at club level with volunteer or professional coaching, where a club wishes to undertake volunteer coaching path in partnership with Club golf the role of the SOSGA will be to provide information and signposting, where needed, to assist volunteers. In addition financial support can be applied for by clubs to support coaches undertaking the Club golf coaching programmes. This financial incentive can only be applied for in the subsequent year on satisfactory completion of the particuliar course and delivery of a local coaching programme.
When clubs are using volunteers, engage professional coaches or have professionals attached to their clubs, clubs are encouraged to support the County Team Managers/ Coaching Conveners by identifying local talent.
County Level
Finances are provided to each of the three Counties to provide development opportunities for potential County team members. The type and nature of the coaching provided to the juniors at County level is entirely up to each County to decide, however, Counties are encouraged to engage in junior development in the general spirit of this policy. Counties should maintain or have access to coaching and player performance records t support Area selection by the Area Team Manager and Area Coaching Convener.
Coaching of the under 14’s should be undertaken by the Counties wherever possible, with the top players being selected to undertake performance coaching at Area level in the under 16 squad. Those not selected should be held at County level for further Development.
Area Level
The U16/U18 squad performance coaching will be undertaken at Area level, a development and continual assessment of performance programme will be developed for each individual.
Where an individual ceases to meet the performance criteria and standards they will drop out of the Area squad and revert back to County development programme where appropriate.
Performance Monitoring
To ensure that the individuals that have been identified through the above process get the best opportunity to develop, individual targets and goals should be provided. These should involve skill tests, handicap targets, scores and results coupled with player/coach feedback sessions based on individual performance.
The Coaching Convenor will establish the performance targets and measures that are required to be set for each individual through consultation with the Coaching Providers.
As much of the performance data will be gathered by the “ Coaching Providers” and the County/ Area Coaching Conveners, there needs to be a comprehensive communication strategy to ensure good positive communication between all stakeholders.
Coaching Provisions
The Area performance coaching provision will be provided through a suitable “Coaching Provider” i.e. competent PGA professionals. The selected coaching providers must provide a comprehensive coaching programme and a set of performance targets for the selected individuals. The Area team managers and the Area Coaching Convenor will meet and agree the performance coaching required for the under 16/18 Area squads. The area team manager in consultation with the coaching providers will select the Area teams. Nothing within this policy will remove the final team selection/ determination being made by the Area team managers.
The nominated “Coaching Provider” may not take up the position of the Area Team Manager or Coaching Convenor as this may lead to a conflict of interest.
The performance coaching and individual coaching shall be funded on a team and individual basis which will be determined by the South Executive. Individuals selected for Area squad performance coaching may be required to part fund their development, however, in general one third of the Area squad coaching costs will be borne by the South. The funding of individuals in the County and Club development programmes will be a matter solely for the Counties and Clubs.
Area Team Performance
Although the members of the Area Team have performance targets to meet as individuals, it is incumbent of the South to provide the best opportunity to perform at Area team Championships and Area matches. The Area team playing schedule should best represent the needs of the team and ensure the availability of the top players and provide development opportunities for other squad members. Additional opportunities should be provided to play Area Team championship venues prior to the event. Quality opposition should be sought in order to challenge team ability and performance.