The draw for the South of Scotland Championship, incorporating the Scottish Golf Team Qualifier, to be held at Powfoot Golf Club on Sunday 19 August 2018 is as follows:- 08.00 & 12.30    C Scobie (Loch);  D Borland (S/ness);  G Corbett jnr (D&G) 08.10 & 12.40     F Greenhorn (Str); C Riddick (S/ness); I Reid (D&G) 08.20 & 12.50      J Brodie (N/S); R Jackson (Wig/County); G Blayney (S/ness) 08.30 & 13.00       M Cowie (Wig/County); A Kerr (Crichton); C Corbett (D&G) 08.40 & 13.10     R Murray (S/ness); A Birdsall (D &C); C Bennewith (N/S) 08.50 &13.20        J Parker (S/ness);…

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The draw for the South Senior Championship to be played over Wigtownshire County Golf Course on Wednesday 1 August is as follows:- 9.00     J Arnott (Stranraer); R McKnight (Wigtownshire County); A Lyndsay (Wigtownshire County) 9.10     M Gibson (Stranraer); F Grant (Wigtownshire County); D Lee (Wigtownshire County) 9.20     S Cummings (Wigtownshire County); M Drummond (Newton Stewart) 9.30     J J Patterson (Wigtownshire County); J Sawer (Newton Stewart); S Hughes (St Medan) 9.40     J Stirling (Newton Stewart); W Orr (Nerwton Stewart); C Hawkins (Wigtownshire County) 9.50     J Cloy (Newton Stewart); W Greenhorn (Stranraer) 10.00   W Tyrrell (New Galloway); A Taylor…

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The draw for the first round of the Match Play at Lockerbir Golf Club on Thursday 19 July is as follows:- 9.00 am          Mitchell Cowie (D&G) v Glen Irvine (D&G) 9.10 am           Ciaran Howat (D&C) v Callum McMillan (Kirkcudbright) 9.20 am          Finlay Copland (D&G) v David Sharp (D&C) 9.30 am          Jamie Marchbank (D&G) v Taylor Kerr (Thornhill) Johnny Townsend Jersey

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The  South Junior Championship and Junior Handicap Championship will take place on Tuesday 17 July at Lockerbie Golf Club. The draw is as follows:- 8.50 & 1.20         Corey Brown (D&C) & Finlay Copland (D&G) 9.00 & 1.30         Jamie Marchbank (D&G) & Mitchell Cowie (D&C) 9,10 & 1,40          David Sharp (D&C); Callum McMillan (Kirkcudbright) & Taylor Kerr (Thornhill) 9.20 & 1.50          Glen Irvine (D&G); Cameron Gray (Kirkcudbright) & Ciaran Howat (D&C) 9.30                       Adam Scott…

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The draw for the above competition to be played at Southerness on Friday 27 October is as follows:- 10.00     Taylor Kerr (San); Nathan Watson (Kbt); Angus Bendall (CD) 10.10     Ciaran Howat (D&C); Iain Rae (Dalb); Robbie McIlwraith (D&C) 10.20     Sam Mitchell (Port); Glen Irvine (D&G); Mitchell Cowie (D&C) 10.30     Cameron Gray (Kbt); Callum MCMillan (Kbt) 10.40     Ellie Harkness (Loch); Colin McKenzie (Loch) 10.50     Russell Kingsley (Loch); Charlie Maxwell (Loch) 11.00     Liam Graham (loch); Adam Scott (Loch); Russell Corrie (Loch) For late entries please contact Iain Robin tel. 01387 252004 Denver Broncos Womens Jersey

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The draw for the Shamash Trophy to take place on Sunday 24 September at Thornhill Golf Club is as follows:- 8.00 & 12.30 8.10 & 12.40 8 20 & 12.50 8.30 & 13.00   R Graham (Stran); N Hamilton (Pow); R Murray (S/ness) 8 40 & 12.10   C Hamilton (Stran); M Grunwell (D&G); C Riddick (S/ness) 8.50 & 12.20   M Lockhart (Cri); S Kirkpatrick (D&C); J McBeth (Loch) 9.00 & 13.30   D Wilson (Sanq); R McCracken (Pow); P Watret (Loch) 9.10 & 13.40   J Houston (Prestwick); L Carruthers (Pow); S Foote (Pow) 9.20 &…

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SOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP – MATCHPLAY FIRST ROUND DRAW ON SUNDAY 27 AUGUST at STRANRAER Due to a misunderstanding it has been necessary to make a re-draw for the South Matchplay Championship at Stranraer on Sunday 27 August. Re-Draw 8.30     Kyle McClung (Wigtownshire County) v David McCreadie (Newton Stewart) 8.40     Danny McConnachie (D&C) v Clark Riddick (Southerness) 8.50     Martin McNae (Lochmaben) v Bob Graham (Stranraer) 9.00     Anslie Bagnall (D&G) v I Johnston (Wigtownshire County) 9.10     Chris Corbett (D&G) v Nathan Watson (Kirkcudbright) 9.20     Colin Hamilton (Stranraer) v Dave Gladstone (Stranraer) 9.30     Neil Hamilton (Powfoot) v F Greenhorn (Stranraer) 9.40    …

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  The updated draw for the South of Scotland Championship to be played at Stranraer Golf Club on Sunday 20 August 2017 is as follows:- 08.00 & 12.30      D Borland (S/Ness); M Mc Culloch (Portpatrick); 08.10 & 12.40      J  Brodie ( N/Stewart); C Riddick  (S/Ness); M Cowie (Wig County) 08.20 & 12.50      D McCreadie  (N/Stewart); N Hamilton  (D & G); 08.30 & 13.00      S Whannel (N/Stewart); S Kennedy (D & G); G Marshall (Stranraer) 08.40  & 13.10     C Bennewith  (N/Stewart); O Sloan (Stranraer); 08.50 & 13.20     D Gladstone (Stran); F Greenhorn (Stran); 09.00  &…

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Following the Stroke Play Championship on Sunday 21 August the DRAW for the first round of the Match Play Championship on Saturday 27 August is 9.15 am       A Kerr  v  Ross Murray 9.25 am       G Blayney  v  C Hamilton 9.35 am     I Reid  v C Riddick 9.45 am       D Brodie  v G Corbett 9.55 am        R McCracken  v J Parker 10.05 am        C Corbett  v  M Grunwell 10.15 am         I Thomson  v N Hamilton 10.25 am…

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