DGG Partnership Meeting Notes

Scottish Golf Show March 2018 A suggestion that McMillan Hotels also be present the next time a stand is taken at the show was not considered prudent as it might start commercial warfare with the Cairndale! A suggestion that a flyer be produced showing all the clubs in the Area with a potted description of each received some support.   The general consensus was that it was a poor show although John Gibbs-Smith did enjoy it.   It was too early to judge any success. Only Kirkcudbright and the Cairndale had a system for monitoring visitors. Personal…

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Dumfries & Galloway Golf Partnership Report

DGG   Partnership  May 2018 Hetland Hall Hotel has moved closer to promoting Golf with the Golf page on their website created and showing the 8 clubs they are working with for 2018.  A Golfers’ Breakfast at the hotel was arranged for the end of April, but due to poor communication was not well attended.  Those that were there saw the Golf web page and discussions took place regarding how golf would be supported by the hotel and the mechanics of the clubs working with the hotel. Also in April, the Partnership was represented at the Dumfries and…

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