A Sub-Group of the Executive of the Association held exploratory talks with representatives of Dumfriesshire Ladies and Galloway Ladies on Tuesday 19 November. This was a very amicable caucus and exchange of views.

The Ladies both want to retain their their individual identities to run their own competitions but were agreeable to joining forces with the men for Junior Coaching and Course Rating.  They had concerns regarding finance, as they are voluntary funded at present whereas the men pay an affiliation fee through their Clubs, and were not convinced Ladies would accept an affiliation fee to be added to their Club subscription.

It was agreed that by joining forces and presenting a united front it would more difficult for the SGL to impose conditions on any new combined organisation. By demonstrating a solid working partnership there was more chance of getting extra funding from SGL.

It was important to get the Clubs involved in this amalgamation and discuss issues with them to find common ground to go forward.  They feared any new organisation would be male dominated as Clubs were at present.

A further meeting would be held following the first Board Meeting of Scottish Golf Limited on 25 November