On a wet and breezy Saturday 16 June eight juniors from each of the three Counties, Dumfries, Kirkcudbright and Wigtown, gathered at Castle Douglas Golf Club to compete for the Peat Salver. This is the annual junior inter-county match play competition and for various reasons had not been competed for in 2017. The format had been changed this year to singles matches with each player in each County playing against an opponent from each of the other two Counties. The course was in superb condition after the recent warm and sunny weather and all the boys and…

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The Executive would urge all South Area club members to get their entries in for the Gillespie Classic as soon as possible. This is a four ball better ball competition with any combination of partners and a fun day at Brighouse Bay Golf Club. All entries should be on the official Entry Sheet, found on the SoSGA website, or phone or e-mail Jim Dougal at 01557 870509 or All proceeds from the day are used for the development of the juniors in South Area. Please get your entry in promptly   K.J. Wright Womens Jersey

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The top four juniors in the South of Scotland travelled north to Eastwood Golf Club, on the outskirts of Glasgow, on Sunday 3 June to compete in the Scottish Boys Area Team Championships. The course was well presented although the greens were bumpy and slow. This, however, was not the major challenge facing all the boys but how to keep their concentration with hordes of midges trying to eat them alive. With all the good weather prior to the event everyone had packed copious amounts of suntan lotion but all forgot the midge repellent sprays. Each team…

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