On a beautiful late autumn day with the sun shining out of a cloudless sky 12 boys attended the Development Centre at Brighouse Bay on Sunday 22 November. It was cold but this did not deter the South elite squad from enjoying a day’s golf under the tutelage of PGA coaches Chris Robinson and David Broadfoot. It was a culture shock for David who had only returned from a fortnight of warm sunshine in Florida the night before. By the end of the day he had goose pimple on the goose pimples! In the morning, after a…

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A Sub-Group of the Executive of the Association held exploratory talks with representatives of Dumfriesshire Ladies and Galloway Ladies on Tuesday 19 November. This was a very amicable caucus and exchange of views. The Ladies both want to retain their their individual identities to run their own competitions but were agreeable to joining forces with the men for Junior Coaching and Course Rating.  They had concerns regarding finance, as they are voluntary funded at present whereas the men pay an affiliation fee through their Clubs, and were not convinced Ladies would accept an affiliation fee to be added…

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