With a busy summer golfing season coming to a close so are the Junior order of merit competitions. With the final event to be held at Southerness Golf Club on Friday 23rd October there are still points to be gained.

In the under 18 scratch, Nathan Watson (Kbt) has a 40 point lead over Angus Bendall (CD) but with 50points up for grabs for the winner at Southerness it’s still all to play for.

Nathan Watson  (Kbt) 220 points
Angus Bendall  (CD) 180
Rowan Marchbank  (D&G) 140
Dylan Cairnie   (D&C) 120
Callan Harkness  (Loch) 120

In the under 15 scratch competitions Cameron Gray from Kirkcudbright has an unassailable lead and can’t be caught. There is still plenty to fight for however with prizes for the top four in each section.

Cameron Gray (Kbt) 300 points
Finlay Copeland (D&G) 140
David Sharp (D&C) 140
Jamie Allison (D&G) 130
Lewis Fraser (D&C) 90
Glen Irvine (D&G 80
Jamie Marchbank (D&G) 80
Neil McDonald (D&C) 80

There could be an exciting finish to the under 18 handicap competition with only 40 points separating the top three and there are many others just behind who could pinch a placing with a good day at Southerness.

Lewis Cheetham (Loch) 140 points
Callum McMillan (Kbt) 120
Ethan Coltart (D&C) 100
John Rodger (Kbt) 90
Ryan Brown (Lockerbie) 80

The closest competition of all is the girls under 18 handicap with five girls all still able to take the top prize with a win at Southerness.

Kendal Burgess (D&G) 50 points
Ellie Harkness (Loch) 50
Maria Cowan (St Medan) 50
Katie Malcolm (D&C) 40
Mirren Fraser (Pow) 30

Entries are still open for the Junior Jamboree at Southerness on Friday 23rd October, contact Iain Robin tel 01387 252004. Come along and enjoy the fun.